Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Special for Facebook Fans

There is a special going on for Facebook Fans!

Click on my Fan Box to the left and check it out!!

There is a special going on for Facebook Fans!

Click on my Fan Box to the right and check it out!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's been keeping me busy...

Phew! I've been busy! Ok, Busy with a CAPITAL B!
The last sale went over great and I've been working on the giveaway beanies!

I just wanted to come up for air long enough to show a few of the things I've been busy with.

I could totally insert pics of my three hellion beautiful daughters right here, because God knows they don't let me slow down!

However, here are a few of my recent crafts...

Purple Gingham Flower Clip (attached to alligator clip)

Mini Pink & White Korker Clip (also attached to alligator clip)

"Lil Bella" in Brown & Light Pink
These next beanies will be heading to Germany!

"Lil Bella"
Cream & Purple (this looks even better in person)

"Faded Denim" - Original Newsboy Beanie

In honor of my newly graduated CHP officer brother, I made the black & white beanie for his roommate's boys.

This is a close up of "The Hamptons" beanie

"The Hamptons" Original Newsboy beanie
I don't know why I call it that. I've never been... to the Hamptons, that is.
I have been to the beach a lot and that's what these colors remind me of... summer.

"Granny Stitch" Newsboy in sage. This beanie was
fully customized per customers specific requests!

These next two were ordered by my very first "Stella B Designs" customer on Etsy.
She's ordered them for a set of twins that are due soon!
They will also be army "brats".
(I hope you know I use that term very affectionately!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Custome Beanie Giveaway Winner

Ok, first of all... can I just say how hard it was for me to limit the giveaway to just ONE winner?!
Some of your comments and critiques were so nice that I just wanted to start handing them out like candy to kids!
(Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do that right now.)

However, I *did* decide to pick TWO winners!
So here they are...
(chosen randomly on

Nancy Spangler Culp
& Covey Denton!!!

Yay you!
Nancy and Covey, you can message me on Facebook, Etsy or email me at and I'll get your beanie info there!

Ok, dry up the tears... take a deep breathe... suck it up, ya big bay-by!
(I'm totally consoling myself, btw)

For the rest of ya... the $10 beanie sale is continuing through tonight AND, because I feel SO BAD about only being able to give away a couple, you can totally have free shipping through Friday if you mention "suckitupfs" with your order!

Also, I believe I forgot to blog about the loverly lady that is spotlighting my beanies on her website! Melissa is giving away TWO MORE of my beanies and HER giveaway is active until this Friday! YAY! More free CUSTOM, AWESOME, ADORABLE beanies for you! That's 4 in total! See, I'm just a big softy! You should definitely go see her at a little etsy love (Melissa does this awesome craft with paper cutting! Sooo cute and intricate!)

Be on the lookout for more giveaways soon! I have so much fun doing them that I'm definitely going to keep them coming!