Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats go out to Kathy for being the first (and only) responder to Stella B Designs FIRST EVER giveaway contest!! All she had to do was a leave a comment on our blog and look at all she'll get! She has 4 daughters and 1 son!!! She terms her kids as "army brats" so we stayed away from the pink!!!
Here is what she'll be getting:
1 - American Pride Loopy Korker

1 - American Pride Mini Korker
2 - Desert Sand Boutique Bows
2 - Cammo Boutique Bows

1- Desert Sand Tails Down Bow

1- Monkey Bow Holder
The whole package!

Congrats, again, Kathy! I hope you enjoy!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Dale Sale

Happy Memorial Day!
In honor of all those who have served our wonderful country,
Stella B Designs is having a one day sale!
$10 beanies and Free SHIPPING on all items!
Come and check out my Etsy shop, or contact me with your special orders!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Help Wanted

Are there any photographers in the house!?! I could possibly be one of the worst photographers with the wiggliest models ever! Those two things together make it VERY difficult to get good shots of my crafts!

What I need: Some sweet and sassy photos featuring my crafts on your models.
What I'm offering: In exchange for your Company logo photos featuring MY products, you get to keep all that I send. (Including, but not limited to, leg warmers, beanies and/or hair clippies.) In addition to using your gorgeous photos in my etsy shop and blog, your photography studio will also be featured on both sites - links and shouts-outs and advertising galore!!

So, if you can help me out and you'd like some free products, shoot me an email with a link featuring your work, so we can discuss details! stellabdesigns@yahoo.com
And just for grins & giggles, I'm adding some very humorous photo attempts I've made in the past! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newest Clippie Postings

I think I'm *in Love* with these clippies. I'd keep them for Emma given half the chance! They were made from the last of my supply of this ribbon, so once they're gone, they're most likely gone forever (unless I can find the ribbon again.) *fingers crossed*

So here they are... the Pink Essentials Line... Who DOESN'T LOVE pink and brown!?! You can find them at my Etsy shop! Just CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Response Giveaway!

To kick off the (re)opening of my Etsy shop, I am offering a free surprise gift!! The first person to leave me a comment on this post is the winner! Simple, right? Just leave me a comment with your name and how you found this post and your free *surprise* gift will be all yours!
So if you're not the first to respond, leave me a comment anyways!!! There may be something in store for you afterall!
Ok, so if I were you, I'd want to know something about what I was getting... it will be girly and related to the products on my pages... but that's all I'm giving up!

Q n A Time

What is Etsy?

According to Wikipedia, Etsy is...

... a website which provides the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade items, including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, and toys. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a fee.[1] It has been compared to "a crafty cross between Amazon, eBay",[2] and "your grandma's basement".

Why do I use Etsy?
I like to use Etsy for the following reasons:
*easy order tracking

*easy, fast checkouts

*free sign up for sellers & buyers

*fee-free purchasing for buyers

*automated check out

*cheaper than ebay

Is Etsy the *only* option for purchases?
No. Although I prefer using Etsy as a sales tool, it is not mandatory.
I also have a Facebook account you can find me at. Just click here.
OR, you can email me at stellabdesigns@yahoo.com
You are more than welcome to get in touch via any of the above avenues!
Do I do wholesale?
The largest order I have done, to date, is 10 crochet beanies. Seeing as how my costs are already pretty low, I was unable to go super low on the pricing. That, coupled with how long it takes to make the beanies make it difficult to do wholesaling. I am, however able to work on larger orders - given the buyer recognizes that I am a mommy to 3 and all crocheting is done in my spare time. (Spare time? Wha-??) =o)
Hair Clippies:
I could better manage larger orders for clips as they go together more quickly. Again, my pricing is already on the low side, so there is very little wiggle room.
Leg Warmers:
I am unable to do any type of wholesaling for leg warmers. Seeing as how I do all of my crafting on a smaller scale I only pick up one or two styles at a time. Perhaps, if business picks up, I would be able to do a little more in this area, but for now, the answer is "no".
Shipping & Handling:
The following are my current shipping and handling policies:
Beanies normally take just a couple of hours to make so some may ship within 48 hours of payment. However, if I have multiple orders or I have to order yarn (which happens a lot, since we're quite rural here and yarn selection is limited) shipping times may be up to 2 weeks after payment is received. I will do everything in my power to make sure your beanies make it to you as quickly as possible.
Hair Clippies and Leg Warmers will ship within 48 hours of payment unless otherwise posted.
Further Questions?!
Just leave me a comment, find me on Facebook, or email me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Items going up!

Welcome to Stella B Designs!
My name is Brooke and I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) to 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters; Brooklyn (8), Brenna (4) and Emma (1).

They are my everything... lap covers, hug-givers, time-consumers, snuggle-makers, patience-testers, heart-melters, smile-givers, grey hair-developers... and my inspiration for the crafts that I do. I started making hair clippies not long after Emma was born. I tried the big floofy bows, but could never get them to the point I thought they were perfect, so instead we do simple... yet sassy!
That's just how this family rolls!

I moved on to Baby Leg Warmers (not yet listed in new shop) and then started using my crocheting abilities to make some oh-so-cute beanies for my babies. This crafting is just one of my hobbies... I've found that I love making things with my hands and sharing the outcome with others. I love to accomodate all special requests and am so anal about getting everything just right that I will try and bend over backwards to make you happy! Ok, within reason... I will get you what you asked for until I get it right! I wouldn't be able to rest until then. =o)

My internal motto and pledge is:
"I will not sell anything that I wouldn't be absolutely proud to put on my own children before they leave the house."

I, in *no* way, claim to be a professional. I simply love to pass on my hobby to others. From what I can see, my items are fairly priced... I know what it's like to want the oh-so-cute fashion forward items of today, yet NOT want to spend a fortune on them.

So, here they are! Some of the first items to be listed on Stella B Deigns...