Friday, May 22, 2009

Help Wanted

Are there any photographers in the house!?! I could possibly be one of the worst photographers with the wiggliest models ever! Those two things together make it VERY difficult to get good shots of my crafts!

What I need: Some sweet and sassy photos featuring my crafts on your models.
What I'm offering: In exchange for your Company logo photos featuring MY products, you get to keep all that I send. (Including, but not limited to, leg warmers, beanies and/or hair clippies.) In addition to using your gorgeous photos in my etsy shop and blog, your photography studio will also be featured on both sites - links and shouts-outs and advertising galore!!

So, if you can help me out and you'd like some free products, shoot me an email with a link featuring your work, so we can discuss details!
And just for grins & giggles, I'm adding some very humorous photo attempts I've made in the past! Enjoy!

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