Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Items going up!

Welcome to Stella B Designs!
My name is Brooke and I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) to 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters; Brooklyn (8), Brenna (4) and Emma (1).

They are my everything... lap covers, hug-givers, time-consumers, snuggle-makers, patience-testers, heart-melters, smile-givers, grey hair-developers... and my inspiration for the crafts that I do. I started making hair clippies not long after Emma was born. I tried the big floofy bows, but could never get them to the point I thought they were perfect, so instead we do simple... yet sassy!
That's just how this family rolls!

I moved on to Baby Leg Warmers (not yet listed in new shop) and then started using my crocheting abilities to make some oh-so-cute beanies for my babies. This crafting is just one of my hobbies... I've found that I love making things with my hands and sharing the outcome with others. I love to accomodate all special requests and am so anal about getting everything just right that I will try and bend over backwards to make you happy! Ok, within reason... I will get you what you asked for until I get it right! I wouldn't be able to rest until then. =o)

My internal motto and pledge is:
"I will not sell anything that I wouldn't be absolutely proud to put on my own children before they leave the house."

I, in *no* way, claim to be a professional. I simply love to pass on my hobby to others. From what I can see, my items are fairly priced... I know what it's like to want the oh-so-cute fashion forward items of today, yet NOT want to spend a fortune on them.

So, here they are! Some of the first items to be listed on Stella B Deigns...

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