Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spirit Week - Day 5 - Pajama Day

It was Pajama Day on Friday. What more can I say?
Except that the girls were definitely feeling the Friday Fever!
I knew after about 1.87 seconds that I needn't bother trying for a nice, smiley picture or two.
They were having nothing to do with sweetness and piety and manners.
What fun would that be?

And I just have to tell you about the little panda mask. I had to fight that sassy lil redhead tooth and nail to get her to - at the very least - wear it around her neck.

Me: "Come on, Red. It's so cute!
Red: Idon'tcareI'mnotwearingit.
Me: "Why not?! It's your sleep mask... it's Pajama Day!
Red: "No."
Me: "Yeah... come on, now... Just wear it for me. Everyone will think it's so cute."
Red: "Idon'tcare.Idon'twannawearit."
*insert serious pouting* (on both sides)
Me: "Ok, let's make a deal. If Daddy says it's not cute, then you don't have to wear it. But, if he says it's super cute, then you have to wear it, OK?"
Red: "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine"
Me: "Ok, shake on it.... Taaaaterrrrr.... SHAKE ON IT!"
Red (while shaking): "You're so weird, mom."

Guess who won?!?!

And aren't you so glad that I tricked and manipulated her? Of course Daddy was gonna think that was cute!!! Who wouldn't? (Besides Red, that is.)

Spirit Week - Day 4 - Character Day

Seeing as how our girls attend a Christian School, we decided to send them as Bible characters. Ok, that's not completely true. If we'd had more time to get the right costumes together, they probably would have liked to go as something mainstream.

However, I wasn't as prepared for Character Day as some of the other days. Actually, they were both just going to go to school in their uniforms because they couldn't decide on anything. Until, that is, I started throwing ideas out there at 7 a.m. the morning of. You shoulda heard me... I was like a brainstorming genius!

Here's what we came up with!

A Fisher of Men
Matthew 4:19
Some ratty jeans, a fishing vest, a Christian tee, fishin' boots (that also served as her vet boots on Day 1), a bucket, and a her bait (her Bible). Pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

A "Daniel-and-the-Lion's-Den" Lion
Daniel 6:16
Let me tell ya, Brenna did *not* want to wear it. at. all. I told her that when people tried to talk to her, she should just act like she was trying to talk with her mouth shut because God shut the lion's mouth. I got a "Mom-are-you-retarded" look from her. Sassy little poop. However, I had a feeling that she might change her mind before they were ready to leave, so I told the other parental figure to leave it out "just in case". Whaddya know? She changed her mind when her friend, Sierra, came over with another Lion's costume on!!!

*sigh* sisters... ;o)

I had already left for school so I didn't get to see any of these pictures until tonight when I got around to uploading them. Apparently, Miss EmmaLou didn't want to be left out, either so I'll share her photos with you! You couldn't use a little preciousness in day?

Gawsh, I love my girls!

Day 5: Pajama/Movie Day

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spirit Week - Day 3 - Crazy Hair Day

There go them crazy Christian School kids...

What'er they teaching them kids up there in that school?

School Spirit, that's what!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Necessary Evil

It hurts me to do it, but I've had to do a little restructuring in the pricing department if I want to continue with my crocheting business. I started out as an inexperienced, but learning quickly newby, who was doing it mostly for fun. I had hoped, but never expected it to turn into such an successful side-business.

I could just change all the prices and not give any explanations, but I'm not wired like that. I need to pour my heart out and help you understand why it's such a necessary evil... ya know, so you won't hate my stinkin' guts! I really want it to sink in that I'm not doing it for greedy and self-indulgent reasons and I want you to continue loving me!

1)My yarn supplier is gone, gone gone... so I'm having to order via internet more. Which means slightly higher prices and shipping costs. I'm also having to drive more to get yarn... and well... have you seen the gas prices?

2) I am slowly transitioning so that Stella B Designs will make up more of my income, so I have to make it worth my while. Between the fees for listing, fees for selling and the fees for accepting payments, I was barely breaking even.

3) I'm good.

4) Really. I am. I have learned so much in technique and my abilities are solid. I am fully confident in my skills and although the prices are changing a bit, I made sure that I'm not sitting at the top of the price ranges found on Etsy for comparable items. I could charge at the high end and you'd be getting the same quality from me that you'd find else where out there. However, I'm also a mom who is also concerned with the cost of raising children... like three of them. Girls, even.

You can find a list of the new size chart and pricing by clicking here. I really appreciate your continued support and encouragement! I seriously have some of the best customers - read "likers, fans, followers... and friends".

Spirit Week - Day 2 - The 80's

So here it is, 80's day!!!
I can honestly say, "I've made it"! I am now answering the same questions that I used to ask my mom.
"Did you have electricity?"
"Did you have TV waaaay back then?"
"Was it color TV or just black and white?"
"Did you actually wear clothes like these and do your hair like this?"

No comment.
Because I still might still have just enough painful memories of that awkward time to get my girls in the general vicinity.... with the help of The Walmarts.
I think they're totally rockin' the era hard!
Although, sorry to say it, that I couldn't talk either of them into Leg Warmers.
Fer shame.
But I think you can see, from this picture, that they're ready to enjoy the day of 80's!
We were having so much fun, we even found a random girl from the neighborhood to join in.

no. not. really.
(that's Brenna's classmate and friend, Sierra!)
And here is my best attempt at 80's hair. Even though my girls' hair is shorter and all one length, mostly, I was able to get a little height. The mere look of terror on Brenna's face as I teased and ratted and teased and sprayed her hair was enough to make my day!
Her darned cowlick made it kinda hard to keep the height up, but we were happy with it.
And then there's this lil freak. (I say freak with all the love and warmth and joy of any proud - but bewildered- Mama could have for their child!) She's often been called my little 'mini-me'. I don't think a daughter could look more like her Mom. However, I will deny - to the ends of time - that I *ever* wore my hair like this.

My bangs were much higher and much more impressive.

Lookit the expression on her face! She is the goofiest, most outgoing, fun-loving freak that ever lived! Definitely outshines her mom in the personality department! So wish I could go see all the other kids and the outfits they'll be in today!

Tomorrow - Spirit Week, Day 3 - Crazy Hair Day!!
because the 80's hair wasn't crazy enough!