Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Necessary Evil

It hurts me to do it, but I've had to do a little restructuring in the pricing department if I want to continue with my crocheting business. I started out as an inexperienced, but learning quickly newby, who was doing it mostly for fun. I had hoped, but never expected it to turn into such an successful side-business.

I could just change all the prices and not give any explanations, but I'm not wired like that. I need to pour my heart out and help you understand why it's such a necessary evil... ya know, so you won't hate my stinkin' guts! I really want it to sink in that I'm not doing it for greedy and self-indulgent reasons and I want you to continue loving me!

1)My yarn supplier is gone, gone gone... so I'm having to order via internet more. Which means slightly higher prices and shipping costs. I'm also having to drive more to get yarn... and well... have you seen the gas prices?

2) I am slowly transitioning so that Stella B Designs will make up more of my income, so I have to make it worth my while. Between the fees for listing, fees for selling and the fees for accepting payments, I was barely breaking even.

3) I'm good.

4) Really. I am. I have learned so much in technique and my abilities are solid. I am fully confident in my skills and although the prices are changing a bit, I made sure that I'm not sitting at the top of the price ranges found on Etsy for comparable items. I could charge at the high end and you'd be getting the same quality from me that you'd find else where out there. However, I'm also a mom who is also concerned with the cost of raising children... like three of them. Girls, even.

You can find a list of the new size chart and pricing by clicking here. I really appreciate your continued support and encouragement! I seriously have some of the best customers - read "likers, fans, followers... and friends".


Niki said...

Definitely understandable!! I for one still love you and all your creations. :)

KeriAnne said...

Your prices are still very reasonable! I get where you're coming from. I am lucky not to have to drive far for my yarn, but the prices are going up even at the store.