Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spirit Week - Day 5 - Pajama Day

It was Pajama Day on Friday. What more can I say?
Except that the girls were definitely feeling the Friday Fever!
I knew after about 1.87 seconds that I needn't bother trying for a nice, smiley picture or two.
They were having nothing to do with sweetness and piety and manners.
What fun would that be?

And I just have to tell you about the little panda mask. I had to fight that sassy lil redhead tooth and nail to get her to - at the very least - wear it around her neck.

Me: "Come on, Red. It's so cute!
Red: Idon'tcareI'mnotwearingit.
Me: "Why not?! It's your sleep mask... it's Pajama Day!
Red: "No."
Me: "Yeah... come on, now... Just wear it for me. Everyone will think it's so cute."
Red: "Idon'tcare.Idon'twannawearit."
*insert serious pouting* (on both sides)
Me: "Ok, let's make a deal. If Daddy says it's not cute, then you don't have to wear it. But, if he says it's super cute, then you have to wear it, OK?"
Red: "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine"
Me: "Ok, shake on it.... Taaaaterrrrr.... SHAKE ON IT!"
Red (while shaking): "You're so weird, mom."

Guess who won?!?!

And aren't you so glad that I tricked and manipulated her? Of course Daddy was gonna think that was cute!!! Who wouldn't? (Besides Red, that is.)

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