Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Ordering Info

Just a quick note!

Orders received on or before November 27th will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery!
Orders received after November 27th will ship as soon as they are produced, but I will not be able to guarantee Christmas delivery!

Due to the volume of orders at this time of year, all rush orders and wholesale orders will not be accepted until further notice (most likely after the holidays).

It pains me, but...

With the way business has been going lately & all of my wonderful customers who have been keeping me b.u.s.y, I am not going to be able to get out any of my specialty Christmas items.

*insert wracking sobs here _________*
*mixed with some self-loathing & shame*
*not a pretty sight, I might add*

I had grand plans of getting out some new beanies & Christmas stockings & mittens & scarves & new embellishment items... alas, it's just not meant to be - YET!

I say "yet" because I will get all of these things up and running, but in order to fulfill my obligations to the orders already received, the "NEW" items will have to wait for a little bit.

I *am* going to post some pictures of items that are available for ordering... I just don't have time to do all the normal "marketing" processes they deserve! (i.e. making different colors, designs, taking pictures, editing said pictures, creating listings... etc.)

So, if you see something below that you'd like to order, just shoot me an email at OR contact me on Facebook & I'll get you on the list.

First is an adorable little capelet... or "shawl" or "shrug".
I got this pattern from Leila & Ben on Etsy.

Capelet Crochet Pattern PDF

It became a very perfect accessory to Brenna's Christmas dress last year.

I fell in love with her dress and as you can see it was fine if she were inside Sears, standing in front of a fake fireplace & Christmas tree...

... but she needed a little more warmth...
so we did this...

It finished off her look very nicely!
This year I'll be making 2 more for my other girls. I guess I wouldn't have to, but I tend to pick the dresses for "cuteness"... not warmth & practicality!

Next on my list was going to be the "Santa Set"
This pattern is from Lion Brand.
Beanies, mittens & scarves can be sold as a set or seperately.
Image of Santa Claus Hat

There are so many other "Christmas-related" things I wanted to get up and ready, but I'm just going to show you one more beanie that I really want to "launch". It's not necessarily a Christmas item, but it could be paired with a Christmas ensemble & go quite nicely!

The Butterfly Beanie
I recently made one for Brooklyn (9) and she LOVES IT!

butterfly hat

This is *NOT* my picture or beanie! This particular picture belongs to - For example purposes ONLY!!!

These are some Butterfly Mitts than can be made to match the beanie!

**This is NOT mine, either - merely for example purposes only!!!
This picture was found at

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Modelicious - Male Model Edition ;o)

I'd like to introduce you to...

Yasuo, aka "Yas"
His mom and I go way back...
... back to high school, as a matter of fact...
and band... *shiver*

... Zachy-boi
Ok, it's just Zach, but he's probably the closest I'll ever get to having my own son, so I'll call him what I please.

... he did such a good job for his Mom... (my BFF!)

How much sweeter could he be?

Just look at this "manly" little boy!!! Watch out, girls!

... And here's Lucas!
aka "Lukey Duke"

I cannot get enough of his silly smiles and quirky poses!
He's absolutely darling!

... yet calm and serious... and GORGEOUS!
This pose took my breath away! What a sweetheart!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can we say "b u s y" ?


aka - bustin' up some yarn...
yeah, ok, that was dumb.

However, I have been soooooo busy lately! I'm not sure what happened...
(I'm betting on the whole "answered prayer" thing)
... but business has been busy... booming... beautiful!!!

Don't believe me?!

Just take a look at what my customers are unlocking!

I say "unlocking" because when they tell me to "just do whatever you think will look good" I am immediately filled with dread and what I can only describe as performance anxiety! *teeth clattering* *knees knocking* *heart beating way too fast*

I have never considered myself to be great when it comes to developing patterns or color swatches on my own...

The request: "I'm photographing twins. I want pinks and blues. I know whatever you come up with will be great."

*sigh* OH, the pressure!

... but I have to say that I think I'm getting better at it.

This little beauty (the beanie... OK, AND the baby) happens to be one of my most favorite designs lately.

Talk about performance anxiety... Andrea, my dear friend from BabyZone land... told me she wanted one plain and brownish but the other one needed to be bright... (She's a mom of 3 BOYS - the exact opposite of my family unit - and made sure I knew she wasn't havin' no sissy colors, neither!)

I curled up into the fetal position for 3 days.

What are these people thinking? Giving me creative leave?

It's like standing up in front of an auditorium full of your frenemies that are just waiting for you to blurt out something totally embarrassing and awkward that the sheer humiliation has you running off the stage crying... leaving a trail of pee.

Ok, maybe not *that* bad... Now, where was I?

Oh yes, in the fetal position...

And then I came up with this one...
Pretty bright, huh?
Boyish, right?

Another sweet one! Lovin' the black and hot pink!

Any girly girls in the house?!

Emma's a girly girl!

Soooooooooooooooo... yeah.


aka - ME

What's been keepin' YOU busy?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Order Status

In order to help keep my customers informed on the progress of their orders, I am creating a dedicated post so they (you) can come and see how things are going! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Crochet Orders
beautimusb - in progress 4/27
amdamack - order rec'd 4/27
thengel - order rec'd 4/27

Leg Lovie Orders

SHIPPED ORDERS -if you haven't received a confirmation email w/ tracking number & you would like one, please email me @








Friday, September 25, 2009

$10 Beanie Sale!!!

On Sunday my LM (Lovin' Man) and I will be celebrating 6 years of marriage! It makes me happy and excited and even amazed!

I've decided to suspend the BOGO Beanie sale for a few days to bring back the
$10 beanie sale
in celebrating our anniversary!

Ways to Order:
Go to "stellabs" on Etsy & browse current inventory.
*Visit Stella B Designs' Fan page on Facebook, browse photos & send me a message!
*Leave me a comment on here.
*Email me at

See something you like in a picture but not in the Etsy shop? Just email me at and request your custom order!!

Sale will end on Monday, 9/28/09!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Seasonal Beanies

I "Heart" Candy Corn Beanie
*100% cotton yarn
*Available in ALL sizes
*Warm & super cute!
*Since Candy Corn is normally a seasonal item, so are these beanies! So, for a limited time, they will be available for only $10!!!!!!
My funky nephew, Cole, was gracious enough to humor me for a photo.
*note the "gracious" expression on his face

Even Tweenie girls can pull this beanie off! I happen to think she looks adorable!

Here's "Red" in the same hat!

Above & Below:
Emma modeling the
I "heart" Candy Corn Beanie!

She's actually wearing the same size beanie as the kids above, but because of the yarn & style of the hat, it could still work for her!

I know I've already posted these - FOR THE GIVEAWAY THAT ONLY ONE PERSON HAS ENTERED SO FAR - but I thought I'd post them again since they are seasonal also!

These are the
My Lil Punkin beanies!
Caron Simply Soft yarn (acrylic blend) - as photo'd on the two younger girls...

... or 100% cotton yarn - as photo'd on Brooklyn.
*Definite differences in shades of orange & green.

The My Lil Punkin beanies are on sale now for $12.50, but if you leave a comment on this post, then you earn a chance to WIN ONE for your lil punkin!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Leg Lovies are here - er, back!

Long, long ago, in a lil land called "Big, Fat Pregnant Land", I ran across the cutest little baby product. Emma was still floatin' & a-lazin' around in the ole belly when I first saw them... I had never seen, heard or dreampt (is that even the correct word, 'cause I know it's not spelt right) of such a thing. I bookmarked the Baby Legs website and vowed to buy a million pair of their beautiful, funky, sassy baby leg warmers. However, shortly after my darling Sass broke out of her restraints, reality set in and the wallet book (and Lovin' Man) spoke and I knew my Baby Leg obsession just wasn't meant to be. (I'm hoping the fact that I'm linking to their website will help to ease any annoyance at using their name in this post.)

Anyone that knows me knows, (or should) know that I don't give up easily. I'll wrack - dagnabit, there's that **word again - "W" and/or "R"ack my brain until I find some way to have those cute lil items that the wallet (and/or Lovin' Man) doesn't agree with.

So I came up with Leg Lovies! I thought I was soooooooooo clever and smart by turning women's knee-hi socks into my very own brand of baby leg warmers! I decided I was SOOOO clever that I'd even try and make some money by selling them to other Mommas that would totally agree that I was clever and smart and so resourceful.

*insert hysterical laughter here*

I should have known that some (read "many, many") other Mommas had already figured out an alternative... and as it turns out - much, much quicker than I had! One of these women is a very nice woman who lives about 30 minutes from me - in the next town over. She probably has one of the biggest Etsy shops with the leg warmers and has been very successful! I was thoroughly impressed!

Ok, so after taking them completely OFF of my listing for months now, I realized I couldn't resist making them any longer! The stores are coming out with their new lines and I was too weak to resist...

All of my "Leg Lovies" have tapered cuffs to help prevent slipping down over the feet and seams are trimmed to help them lay flat and to cut down on the bulk. I have been making these for my girls and wouldn't consider selling them if I wasn't more than satisfied with the quality of the product!

So you're still confused as to what they are? Well, wonder no more... here are a few that I've listed on Facebook so far.

(Seeing as how I'm "small-time" most quantities are very limited! )
And here is one of my beauties modeling them for you!

Why Leg Lovies are so great:

*Leg Lovies provide extra warmth for all ages on cooler days!
*Pair them with a onesie, dress or skirt and they make diaper changing a cinch! (No off and ons!)
*They protect your lil crawler from chaffed knees!
*They can be worn as ARM lovies for those cool autumn mornings!
*They provide extra arm warmth for your beauties who do not like to keep their coats on!!
*And, they are just so darn cute!

Unless otherwise noted or requested, Leg Lovies run approximately 12-15 inches in length.

♥♥Price: $8/pair or 3 for $21♥♥

**On a very, very side note, I googled "wrack my brain" and found that it can be either or... glad to know, because it was really wracking, er racking my nerves!

Much Love,

Stella B


I just realized I forgot to mention my "hiatus" here on the blog! I'm ashamed & apologize to my humongous following! To make up for that, I'd like to vow to become a better blogger.
*crickets chirping*

Alright then...

In lieu of my "vow", I'm offering up a BOGO Beanie Sale! Buy 1 beanie, get 1 - of equal or lesser value - for 1/2 price!! I normally only do sales for the weekends, but seeing as how I feel SO terribly bad for my LOA, I'm running it through to NEXT weekend! Yep, that's right. The BOGO BEANIE SALE will end on Monday, September 28th!

What's that you say? *appropriate pause for your response* "HUH?! Still not good enough?!"

Wracking, er... Racking... er... WR(?)acking my brain for something else...

Ok, how's about a giveaway?! Seeing as how I'm Loving this time of year... the cooling weather, the changing leaves (almost), the scarecrows and browning of the colors... I'm offering up 1 (one) (uno) "My Lil Punkin Beanie"!

Could it be any cuter?! Seriously... the ribbing alone was enough to hook me on this pattern... But with the little green trimming and the tendrils that float down from the stem?!

It's stretchy & soft...
...perfect for the Lil Punkin in your life!

And... it comes in just about every size... as you can see from my Lil Punkins last year!

You know you want one!

All you have to do to enter is answer one simple question...

What is your favorite thing about Fall?!

Entries close September 28th - winners announced that evening!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Special for Facebook Fans

There is a special going on for Facebook Fans!

Click on my Fan Box to the left and check it out!!

There is a special going on for Facebook Fans!

Click on my Fan Box to the right and check it out!!