Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Spirit Week - Day 1 - Career Day

Last night I said "goodnight" to my 10 and 6 year old daughters, and this morning I said "hello" to a super cute Horse Vet and a sweet and sassy Nurse!

Brooklyn, lover of all things horses, showed no hesitation whatsoever when I asked her what she wanted to be! I think she loves them so much that even the shoulder-length glove isn't enough to deter her from her aspirations! *yikes*

And here's my Brenna, 6. She is always so helpful and caring and attentive to the needs of others! It's no wonder that her helpful, healing spirit would lead her to the medical profession. I cut and sewed and cut and sewed some more to make her a miniature scrub set! Her Auntie Kell, also a nurse, lent her a stethescope to help make the outfit complete!

Then, with the help of a fishing license holder, I made each of them a little ID tag.

Rounding off their outfits are, of course, the SHOES... or boots, in Brooklyn's case!

... and "scrub shoes".

Tomorrow is "80's Day"!!
Guess I'm gonna have to start googling the 80's, because I'm way too young to have experienced that time myself! ;o)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I'm sitting on my couch and I smell this *very* strong smell of coffee...
I know it's not freshly brewing coffee because we have a Keurig... and hubby's not home... and, like I said, I was sitting on the couch.

So I already have a basic guess of what's happening in the other room.

But come on... this?
Soooo... yeah.
And grrr.

I mean, really. REALLY?!
The WHOLE container, guys?

At first I thought it was just my sweet little angel-face, but these are the socks coming off of her favorite little minion. (Face cropped out to protect the not-so-innocent).
Btw, that's not dirt making his white socks look so dingy...

And that would be the head of my sweet lil Boo!
Again, not flea poop... coffee.
At the end of all that, I ended up with a couple of things...
1. A washer filled one giant, super-huge bean bag cover, coffee-covered socks, one curtain panel, one pair of lil boy minion pants and one purple polka-dotted pajama.

Without questioning why my daughter was still in her pajamas at noon-thirty- er, that time of day, would you look at the feet of her pajamas? Goodness Gracious!

2. A house that smells like fresh brewed coffee. Not even the best candle can get a more accurate coffee aroma filling up your entire house!

3. A brand new memory to file in the Momma Files


A special thanks goes out to my Dyson... She (yes, she - she's pink) did a fabulous job at sucking up that entire container of coffee.

In case you don't know what it's like to clean up all that coffee off of any surface... I'm not gonna tell you. I'll let you ruminate on how many trillion-ka-jillions pieces of coffee me and my Dyson tackled... and pray that you all will someday get to put such an awesome memory in your Momma Files!