Friday, September 18, 2009

Leg Lovies are here - er, back!

Long, long ago, in a lil land called "Big, Fat Pregnant Land", I ran across the cutest little baby product. Emma was still floatin' & a-lazin' around in the ole belly when I first saw them... I had never seen, heard or dreampt (is that even the correct word, 'cause I know it's not spelt right) of such a thing. I bookmarked the Baby Legs website and vowed to buy a million pair of their beautiful, funky, sassy baby leg warmers. However, shortly after my darling Sass broke out of her restraints, reality set in and the wallet book (and Lovin' Man) spoke and I knew my Baby Leg obsession just wasn't meant to be. (I'm hoping the fact that I'm linking to their website will help to ease any annoyance at using their name in this post.)

Anyone that knows me knows, (or should) know that I don't give up easily. I'll wrack - dagnabit, there's that **word again - "W" and/or "R"ack my brain until I find some way to have those cute lil items that the wallet (and/or Lovin' Man) doesn't agree with.

So I came up with Leg Lovies! I thought I was soooooooooo clever and smart by turning women's knee-hi socks into my very own brand of baby leg warmers! I decided I was SOOOO clever that I'd even try and make some money by selling them to other Mommas that would totally agree that I was clever and smart and so resourceful.

*insert hysterical laughter here*

I should have known that some (read "many, many") other Mommas had already figured out an alternative... and as it turns out - much, much quicker than I had! One of these women is a very nice woman who lives about 30 minutes from me - in the next town over. She probably has one of the biggest Etsy shops with the leg warmers and has been very successful! I was thoroughly impressed!

Ok, so after taking them completely OFF of my listing for months now, I realized I couldn't resist making them any longer! The stores are coming out with their new lines and I was too weak to resist...

All of my "Leg Lovies" have tapered cuffs to help prevent slipping down over the feet and seams are trimmed to help them lay flat and to cut down on the bulk. I have been making these for my girls and wouldn't consider selling them if I wasn't more than satisfied with the quality of the product!

So you're still confused as to what they are? Well, wonder no more... here are a few that I've listed on Facebook so far.

(Seeing as how I'm "small-time" most quantities are very limited! )
And here is one of my beauties modeling them for you!

Why Leg Lovies are so great:

*Leg Lovies provide extra warmth for all ages on cooler days!
*Pair them with a onesie, dress or skirt and they make diaper changing a cinch! (No off and ons!)
*They protect your lil crawler from chaffed knees!
*They can be worn as ARM lovies for those cool autumn mornings!
*They provide extra arm warmth for your beauties who do not like to keep their coats on!!
*And, they are just so darn cute!

Unless otherwise noted or requested, Leg Lovies run approximately 12-15 inches in length.

♥♥Price: $8/pair or 3 for $21♥♥

**On a very, very side note, I googled "wrack my brain" and found that it can be either or... glad to know, because it was really wracking, er racking my nerves!

Much Love,

Stella B

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BNHMAMA said...

Gonna need to get some for Hannah this winter! She is always cold, when the rest of us are hot! Poor girl! Maybe some of these will help :)