Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spirit Week - Day 4 - Character Day

Seeing as how our girls attend a Christian School, we decided to send them as Bible characters. Ok, that's not completely true. If we'd had more time to get the right costumes together, they probably would have liked to go as something mainstream.

However, I wasn't as prepared for Character Day as some of the other days. Actually, they were both just going to go to school in their uniforms because they couldn't decide on anything. Until, that is, I started throwing ideas out there at 7 a.m. the morning of. You shoulda heard me... I was like a brainstorming genius!

Here's what we came up with!

A Fisher of Men
Matthew 4:19
Some ratty jeans, a fishing vest, a Christian tee, fishin' boots (that also served as her vet boots on Day 1), a bucket, and a her bait (her Bible). Pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

A "Daniel-and-the-Lion's-Den" Lion
Daniel 6:16
Let me tell ya, Brenna did *not* want to wear it. at. all. I told her that when people tried to talk to her, she should just act like she was trying to talk with her mouth shut because God shut the lion's mouth. I got a "Mom-are-you-retarded" look from her. Sassy little poop. However, I had a feeling that she might change her mind before they were ready to leave, so I told the other parental figure to leave it out "just in case". Whaddya know? She changed her mind when her friend, Sierra, came over with another Lion's costume on!!!

*sigh* sisters... ;o)

I had already left for school so I didn't get to see any of these pictures until tonight when I got around to uploading them. Apparently, Miss EmmaLou didn't want to be left out, either so I'll share her photos with you! You couldn't use a little preciousness in day?

Gawsh, I love my girls!

Day 5: Pajama/Movie Day

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