Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spirit Week - Day 2 - The 80's

So here it is, 80's day!!!
I can honestly say, "I've made it"! I am now answering the same questions that I used to ask my mom.
"Did you have electricity?"
"Did you have TV waaaay back then?"
"Was it color TV or just black and white?"
"Did you actually wear clothes like these and do your hair like this?"

No comment.
Because I still might still have just enough painful memories of that awkward time to get my girls in the general vicinity.... with the help of The Walmarts.
I think they're totally rockin' the era hard!
Although, sorry to say it, that I couldn't talk either of them into Leg Warmers.
Fer shame.
But I think you can see, from this picture, that they're ready to enjoy the day of 80's!
We were having so much fun, we even found a random girl from the neighborhood to join in.

no. not. really.
(that's Brenna's classmate and friend, Sierra!)
And here is my best attempt at 80's hair. Even though my girls' hair is shorter and all one length, mostly, I was able to get a little height. The mere look of terror on Brenna's face as I teased and ratted and teased and sprayed her hair was enough to make my day!
Her darned cowlick made it kinda hard to keep the height up, but we were happy with it.
And then there's this lil freak. (I say freak with all the love and warmth and joy of any proud - but bewildered- Mama could have for their child!) She's often been called my little 'mini-me'. I don't think a daughter could look more like her Mom. However, I will deny - to the ends of time - that I *ever* wore my hair like this.

My bangs were much higher and much more impressive.

Lookit the expression on her face! She is the goofiest, most outgoing, fun-loving freak that ever lived! Definitely outshines her mom in the personality department! So wish I could go see all the other kids and the outfits they'll be in today!

Tomorrow - Spirit Week, Day 3 - Crazy Hair Day!!
because the 80's hair wasn't crazy enough!

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Andrea said...

LOVE IT! Too bad they wouldn't do the leg warmers....and you make such cute ones!