Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In a recent effort to get more fans and followers, I had a giveaway over on the Facebook Fan Page this last weekend! I had 134 fans when I decided to host a giveaway. Terms and condistions were that the "fans" pass me around (aka pimp me out to all their friends) and get the page up to 150 fans. If they could do that, I agreed to pick 3 winners!

They did it within a few hours!

So then I told them that if we could get up to 200 fans before Sunday night that I would add a 4th winner!
The numbers crept up... and up... and up!

Here I am... less than a week later... with 241.

They got their 4th winner! I have to say, that I had a lot of fun doing it! Here are some pictures of my sophisticated, high tech selection process!

Yeah ,I could have used one of those fancy smancy number generators, but I kinda liked the idea of doing it "old school". I had way more fun this way,

My beautiful daughter, Brookyn, volunteered to be my super professional and highly paid assisant. (Her currency was "getting out of homework for an extra five minutes.)
Here she is picking the GRAND FAN WINNER!!!

Meral K won the Grand Fan prize - 1 custom beanie & 1 pair of Leg Lovies!The remaining winners get 1 custom beanie!

I want to say THANK YOU to all of my "fans" (I'm starting to get a diva-complex everytime I say that) for their support and pimpin' skills!
I definitely had fun with this giveaway and plan to start a monthly giveaway in April!

You can get one more chance to win by visiting this wonderful Mommy Bloggers page! Her gorgeous heart baby, Bentley, first drew me to her page and I'm glad to be able to share in their journey. (She also has a daughter with a really cool name - see if you find which one of my children share a name with hers!)

She is giving away a Girly Girl Newsboy beanie to one lucky commenter on her blog! But hurry in because she's closing it down on Wednesday!

Click on her button below to be taken to her blog!

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BHRMAMA said...

Great job! So glad things are going great for your site!! Whoo Hooo