Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It sure was Monday!

Here is how I planned to spend my day...

crochet, crochet, crochet

Run a few errands and be back in time for the SACRED NAP TIME

crochet, crochet, crochet

Spend time with the hubs and kiddos

crochet, crochet, crochet

Sweet, sweet sleep!

Now, here is how I actually spent my Monday...

crochet, crochet, crochet...
I was feeling pretty good and accomplished by the time I left to run errands


Auto. Parts. Store. (NOT planned)

Hubs met us there and changed the fuel filter and we were on our way! A little hiccup, but I felt good to have that done!

Pull out of the parking lot just to pull back in.... truck chugs to a stop half-in and half-out of the parking lot.

Call hubs. Wait, he's right there... HONK, HONK, HONK

Hubs drove by. Didn't even look at me!

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Message: Me- "I cannot believe you just DROVE right by me? Didn't you hear me honking my horn? I'm broke down. Turn around and come back and GET ME!"

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

No kidding... still calling.

Call. Voice Mail. Click.

Call. Message: Me- "If I have to call my dad, you are gonna be sorry! You knew I was going to be calling you to make sure the truck was working. The next call I make is to him because you won't pick up your blankety blank phone!"

Um, Click.

I got a little stressed at one point. He FINALLY answered his phone about 12 calls later!

I've already made this post longer than it had to be with all of my copy and pasting and entering, so I'll just say that my hubs and Dad saved the day. My Dad helped my Hubs run parts down and do a diagnostic thing on the truck and then hubs changed the $150 fuel filter right there in the parking lot! He's a stud like that.

So by that time it was pick-up time at school. Once I relayed the story to the girls, Red was insistent that she get to go and "just watch" them fixing the truck! We went back to the truck and repairs in progress.

Poppa and Daddy were happy to have their lil helper observe.
You can now observe her observing her dad (the one in the flip flops and bare legs under the truck). You can also observe the rain on the ground. Yeah, he didn't much plan for the weather.

Did I mention how awesome he is!?

Oh... and see that little silver cylinder thing there on the ground? That'd be the OLD fuel pump that decided it was going to call the shots today.
My messed up day was worth seeing her watch them.

... even if I didn't get half the things done I had planned!

How was your Monday?

P.S. I totally apologized to the Hubs for being mean and ugly. He didn't know what I was talking about... and when I explained, he made me sit there as he listened to the two not-so-nice messages I left him. Yikes!

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The Oxford Family said...

Don't you just love those foot in mouth moments :) I think it's really hard when you have a plan and it just goes totally in a different direction! Hope today is better for you!