Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Stella B's First

I have been getting a lot of new pictures from photographers and I just wanted to share some from Brittney Wood Photography!
Brittney is the first photographer that I ever worked with. I was shy and unsure how the swaps are supposed to work but am so glad that I took the step out and contacted her. These next couple photos are some of the first I ever had photographed by a professional. Thanks to Brittney's wonderful work I was able to gain some confidence and begin to grow my business.

"These make my ovaries quiver, " is exactly what I said upon seeing this precious boy in the Charlie Bear beanie.
This next one is a new one she sent me!
When Brittney contacted me late last year and told me she was going to have an influx of babies this spring, I was super excited to create some items for her. One of the items she loosely requested was a square tassle beanie.

I had the perfect yarn to create a gorgeous gender neutral beanie. Her photography does an excellent job at catching the different shades and hues. I wish you could feel this yarn! So soft and dreamy. Perfect for a newborn!

One of my new favorites!

If I weren't already pregnant this one would definitely have me dragging The Hubs upstairs. (TMI, huh?) Lookit the lips and that precious little tongue!

I love the processing on this one... making it a little softer and even more dreamy.

And she threw this one in there! I'm pretty sure we've never discussed it before, but I have quite the obsession with baby feets! I love how the Leg Lovies play an accompanying role to those scrumptious little piggies! nom nom nom
You can check out more of Brittney's new relatives by checking out her BlOg!!

Thank you so much, Brittney!! It is definitely my pleasure to know you!

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