Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's say we all just ignore it, m'kay?

I'm referring to my blogging/creative hiatus.

Since we're all in agreement, I'll just jump right in to the good stuff. I opened my crocheting back up for business this month. There are a couple of price adjustments, but nothing major.
(I might just add that my prices for my items are *still* lower than the majority of the beanie shops out there! And might I also add that my products, materials, attention to detail and workmanship is just as high as said competitors! )

Here are a couple examples of my superior work...
(note: author sounds way more conceited than in real life, I promise)

Camo Earflap beanie
Coming soon: camo line for boys AND girls!
Some of the best sellers are:

Basic Newsboy
Deluxe Earflap
Deluxe Earflap
Deluxe Earflap

I'm also in the process of adding some more Leg Lovies!
Here are a few of them. You can click on the Link above to be taken to the Etsy shop!
All Leg Lovies will ship within 48 hours of paid orders and always ship FREE!

As always, please don't *EVER* hesitate to contact me... via Etsy, Facebook(click on the Fan Page button above), email (stellabdesigns@yahoo.com), here... wherever! Reach out and touch someone me!

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