Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hamptons

Remember the Hampton's Beanie?

Ok, maybe you don't... and that's OK.

Because I never really sold or advertised it...

I just made it on a whim one day and was pretty pleased with it!
Well, just the other day, another one of you noticed it... and requested a spin-off!

In a Punky Brewster-ish, Pink & Yellow's type style.

This would require me to create an original beanie.
Never been done before.
:blink: :stare: :blink: :gulp: :blink:

Side note: If you remember back when when I wrote this post...
I break out in hives, shut down for a solid 3 hours, and curl into the fetal position
anytime a customer request me to "use my own judgment", "do whatever I think looks best", "decide for them" or to "just surprise me!"

Side-Side note - You probably won't remember that post, because I had all of zero comments on it and probably zero views.

And that's OK.

So after I uncurled and had a cleansing shower, I sat down and just "went with it".

One row at a time....

Using my "best judgement"...


Until the last row was done
:sigh: :phew:

I'm not sure how Punky Brewster-ish it turned out, but it *is* an original.
Never to be reproduced - at least not exactly the same.

You can see more Deluxe Newsgirl style beanies here.

Or here.

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