Saturday, July 9, 2011

Christmas in July - Week 2

Coming from a Mommy who doesn't start Christmas shopping until December 15th-ish *cringe*, I know how difficult it could be to start planning for Christmas lists now - especially when those lists may or may not include crocheted winter items! It's hot outside, for pete's sake! However, with the upcoming birth of our 4th daughter, I will NOT be taking any orders - Christmas or otherwise - after a certain date in October (TBD)!

Week 2 Special
15% off ALL Newsboys and Newsgirl beanies! 'Luxe & Classic!!

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'Luxe Newsboy

'Luxe Newsgirl
Classic Newsgirl

Classic Newsboy

All photos are for example purposes only! The color choices are endless! You can find more examples HERE!

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