Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flower Clip Selection

"Standard Daisy"
This is the standard clip included with each Newsboy variety beanie.
(Summertime, Original & Shell Stitch)
Approximately 2 1/2"
To order single or additional, reference: SD1

"Fluffy Daisy"
Approximately 5"
To order, reference: FD1 & specify color: orange, hot pink or purple

"Spikey Gerbera Daisy"
Approx: 4.5"
To order, reference: SGD & specify color: hot pink, light pink, cream

"Country Daisy"
Approx: 4.5"
To order, reference CD1 & specify color: yellow, green or blue (these tend to run in lighter shades)

**All clips come attached to a double prong alligator clip lined with coordinating grosgrain ribbon and non-slip grip. All ribbon is heat sealed to prevent fraying.

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