Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been totally remiss is posting these gorgeous babes and I apologize!

I was so excited to get a rather "bulky" order when I re-opened as Stella B Designs... Not for selfish reasons, but becaue the beanies were going to a Mommy with 5, yes FIVE kids! 4 girls and one precious little man! Can you guess which number he is in the order of things? (You'll get your answer down below!) =o) Anyway, I already felt close to them as I was #4 in a family with 5 children!

I also felt a little twinge of recognition with the ratio of girls to boys boy. Actually, I think my Lovin' Man would more effectively relate to the drive of "gettin' that boy" seeing as we have 3 girls and all... no lil mini version of the Lovin' Man running around anywhere.

Anyway, their mother, Kathy, was kind enough to let me have some of their photos to post on here. So here they are... the five lil monkeys!

This is Hailey in her Summertime Crochet Beanie (shades of purple). If I remember correctly, the beanies arrived on her 8th birthday!

These two gorgeous kiddos are Casey (in blues/greens) and Matigan (shades of turquoise).

Here they are from behind... can't you just feel the love!?

And here's their gorgeous lil man, Declan. He's wearing an Original Newsboy in blue cammo!

*wracking brain* I'm missing my pic of Kylie, but here she is (in the pinks) - isn't her hair absolutely gorgeous?

Back, L to R: Kylie, Matigan, Hailey, Casey
Front: Declan

And then there's "my" precious Hannah. She's my beautiful (and only) niece. I love her to bits!

She's wearing grosgrain flower clips (with button centers) in these first two pictures.

Here she is with a Christmas Pointsettia! Isn't she the cutest?!

Did I mention that Modelicious stars get a 25% discount and free shipping on their next order?! I didn't? Well, they do! So if you've ordered from me in the past and want to share your sassy kids with me, send me your pics and you'll save on your next order, too!

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