Friday, July 10, 2009

This & That

  • First, Happy Friday!
  • Beanies now have lower pricing! Check 'em out, here.
    Yay for the bad economy, right? LoL
  • Now through Sunday night, all items SHIP FREE!
  • I was able to get some cute-ish photos this week, however I still would like to find a photog or few that would like to exhange services with me! Interested? Email me at

    Here are some of the photos I took that I ended up liking a lot!
Emma in the Summertime Newsgirl w/ Large Flower
Here it is, in color... (Yes, I know it doesn't quite match her outfit) lol

This is a Granny Stitch Summertime Newsgirl w/ Large flower

Side view of Granny Stitch Summertime Newsgirl

This is my darling Brooklyn in the Original Newsboy beanie w/ large flower

One more of the Summertime Newsgirl

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